Why XPASS is the Best Fitness Subscription for Group Workout Classes:

Don't settle for less than the best workouts. Here are five reasons XPASS is the must-have subscription for fitness fanatics.

Top-tier studios, every time.

Most fitness subscription services set the bar too low for the studios they offer.

That means every class is a gamble: you might get a luxury facility, or you might walk into a garage with a set of dumbbells. If you’re at a lower subscription tier, you’re pretty much guaranteed lower-quality classes at odd hours or gym time at fitness centers without instruction. The best studios and most convenient class times are reserved for the highest-paying subscribers.

XPASS takes this traditional fitness subscription model and turns it on its head: they offer a high-caliber studio experience to all subscribers, regardless of subscription tier.

While high-demand class times still ‘cost’ more points and subscribers at higher tiers can take more classes per month, the quality of the workout is never in question. Every studio available through XPASS offers the top-notch experience that only high-rollers get with other fitness subscriptions.

No risk of wasting precious points or time on a so-so workout in a facility that’s three stars at best—with XPASS, every workout, instructor, and piece of equipment is top-of-the-line.

xpass blog top-tier studios every time

The best brand for every workout.

Some fitness subscriptions boast a nearly endless list of studios accessible to their users—but this is actually a red flag disguised as a perk. The sheer number of studios and fitness centers speaks more to a lack of quality control than anything else. Maybe there are five barre studios offered in your neighborhood, but they’re not all winners, and the subscription service will never promote one studio over another. You’ll waste time and money determining which studio is best.

XPASS eliminates the decision fatigue by offering one studio—the best studio—for every type of workout. The best yoga, the best cycling…pick your poison and XPASS is guaranteed to give you top-shelf.

As a bonus, their brands have extraordinary reputations nationwide. If you’re traveling for work or on vacation, you’ll have access to the same format and caliber of classes within studios that feel like home.

Better value, honest pricing.

No sneaky price surges for visiting a studio multiple times. Classes are priced by demand and are the same price for everyone, regardless of your account history. And while other fitness subscription services often cap the number of times you can attend a studio per cycle, XPASS never has.

The subscription and brands are on the same team. Superior customer service (on a studio AND subscription level).

Booking a flight through Expedia always seems like the better, more affordable option…until something goes wrong. One canceled flight or missed layover later, you’re wishing you booked directly through the airline and could take advantage of their customer service.

Most fitness subscriptions are Expedia types, working with hundreds or even thousands of brands that are entirely independent of the subscription itself. This makes customer service a never-ending game of telephone at best, and a nightmare at worst.

At the time of writing, XPASS is the only known fitness subscription service that sits right alongside its partners. Since all the brands are owned and operated by the same company as XPASS, studios have a direct line of communication with the subscription service itself. This lets you avoid the frustrating customer service experience of solving a studio-level problem through the subscription service or vice versa.


Studios love XPASS.

Although the fitness brands offered within XPASS are nationally renowned, the individual studios are local businesses owned and operated by your friends and neighbors. And yes, you want a good deal on your workout, but you don’t want to rip off the small businesses that make your community so special.

Unlike other fitness subscriptions, XPASS finds a healthy balance that’s good for everyone’s wallets: fair prices for subscribers, fair payment to the businesses, and a killer workout every time. What’s not to love?