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XPASS member doing Barre in Pure Barre class
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XPASS member doing yoga in Yoga Six class
XPASS member cycling in Cyclebar class
XPASS member with trainer in StretchLab session
XPASS member with instructor in Stride class
XPASS member rowing in Row House class
XPASS member boxing in Rumble class
XPASS member dancing in AKT class
XPASS member battles ropes in BFT class

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  • Over 50,000 weekly fitness classes at more than 2,000 boutique studio locations.  
  • Top-of-the-line fitness equipment for each exercise from Woodway treadmills to Concept2 rowing machines. 
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More than 111,000 5-Star reviews

Join thousands of XPASSers as you uncover your fitness journey with the support of trained instructors and premium fitness classes.


Pure Barre revs up your metabolism, burns fat, and builds lean muscle (which also burns fat while you’re in resting mode). I was shocked to see the extra layer of pudge on my tummy slowly disappear.”

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“But it was exactly AKT’s heart-pumping classes­—ranging from dance cardio to toning—that revealed the value in pushing through.”

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“What's cool about classes at Row House is that you're all rowing together like you're on a team aiming for one goal. While you can tweak your intensity, you're still staying together, which makes this feel like a true group fitness class.”

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"StretchLab customers are telling us how it's helping them with their mobility, flexibility, and range of motion, which then allows them to do the things that make them happy, like going hiking or golfing."


“Amazing workouts, entertaining trainers, and an all-around awesome time. Rumble: Celebrity tested, People Mag Approved. Can’t wait to get back to my next class!”

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“Targeting the lower body at Club Pilates felt challenging in a new way. The deliberate movements allowed me to really zero in on my leg and butt muscles without feeling strained.”

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“What’s different at STRIDE is a chest-strap heart-rate monitor and a big display at the front of the room telling you how hard you’re pushing. Instructors use that as a guide to give the class adequate recovery time.”


“She found the exercise that worked for her — she tried indoor cycling at CycleBar and she was hooked. “By far it was the best fit for her lifestyle and health needs.”


“Speaking of sweat, it’s gonna happen, especially in the boot camp, power yoga, and hot yoga classes (duh), which are held in heated rooms. YogaSix feels like a community.”


BFT’s methodology is based on how AFL players train. Every week, you can hit your aerobic system, anaerobic system, fast-twitch muscle fibers for power, slow-twitch fibers for hypertrophy, plus we get you moving in numerous different planes.”

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 Greatness awaits.