The Power of (Virtual) Community: How to find accountability when you find your virtual fitness community

Got a fitness goal? You’re going to need a community. 

Whether you’re trying to commit to a regular gym routine or just aiming to move your body more, surrounding yourself with like-minded people working towards similar goals can provide the support, motivation, and accountability you need to stay on track and keep working towards a better you. 

There’s plenty of research to prove it—a study published in the Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology found that people who exercised in a group had greater levels of social support, which was linked to greater adherence to their exercise program and greater improvements in physical fitness than those who were chasing their fitness goals solo. 

Another study published in the Journal of Behavioral Medicine found that social support, both from friends and family and from an exercise group, was associated with greater physical activity levels among middle-aged and older adults.

Long story short, there’s power in numbers, but in today’s digital age, community has taken on a new meaning. A virtual fitness community (that may or may not be composed of the friends, family, and coworkers that make up your existing community) can provide the accountability you need to set your goals and stick to them.

XPASS makes connecting with your virtual workout buddies easy, fun, and competitive—with step counts, streaks, and badges that show off your fitness-related achievements, there are bragging rights (and big results) on the line. 
Looking for that community and accountability? Here are three ways to find your virtual fitness community and start working towards your goals together. 


Turn your friends and family into workout buddies (or walking buddies) 

Every fitness routine looks different, but just about anyone can benefit from getting a few more steps in. XPASS is a walk-to-win app first and foremost, so gym-lovers and gym-avoiders alike can get in on the game (and have the chance to win prizes, just by walking). If you convert Mom into your barre bestie or boxing buddy along the way, even better. 


Search social media

The fitness communities on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook are alive and well. Fitness-related groups in your area or even the XPASS social media accounts are great places to find other people with goals like yours, or make a quick post about your walk-to-win journey and see which of your friends want to join you. Connect with them on XPASS and start a group chat for a little friendly smack talk when their streak starts to slip. 


Class friends -> App Friends 

A familiar face in your Pure Barre class could be the start of the virtual fitness community you need to stay accountable. You already know you have a common fitness interest, after all! Next time you’re at an in-studio class at one of Xponential Fitness’ brands, ask if anyone else is using XPASS to track their progress. If they’re not, there’s a referral badge with your name on it when they join you.