The Evolution of the Hot Girl Walk

If you keep up with fitness trends, you’ve almost certainly heard the phrase “hot girl walk” thrown around by now. But what is a “hot girl walk,” who invented it, and is it actually a good workout? There’s a reason that this fitness trend is so popular, so we’re walking you through it—literally. 


The Original Hot Girl Walk

The “hot girl walk” fitness trend is attributed to TikTok content creator and influencer Mia Lind, who turned to walking as a form of exercise and a reason to get out of the house during the COVID-19 lockdown of 2020. In a time where people around the globe were struggling with their mental and physical health, walking became a fun, free, and useful outlet for millions of restless people to get a hit of endorphins. 

Lind’s original “hot girl walk” was no ordinary walk in the park, though; it came with a specific prescription of what to do and what to think about. Each walk was four miles long, had to be outdoors, and included a mindfulness practice centering around four specific topics: what you’re grateful for, your goals, how you’re going to achieve those goals, and of course, how hot you are. 

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The fitness trend skyrocketed into enormous popularity in 2021 when Lind took to TikTok to share the physical and mental results she gained by incorporating this specific type of walk into her routine. 

Rise of the Hot Girl Walk

Lind’s original explainer video went absolutely viral on TikTok, sparking a fitness trend that spread worldwide. While the rise of pedometers, Fitbits, and eventually Apple watches brought attention to the importance of getting a certain number of steps in every day, walking as a form of exercise hadn’t seen this kind of popularity since the power walking trends of the late 80’s and early 90’s. The “hot girl walk” was a fitness trend unlike we’d ever seen before; unlike most fitness crazes, it was free and available to just about anyone—definitely not just girls. 

A little over two years after the original video introducing the concept, #hotgirlwalk has over 700 million views on TikTok and has changed the way thousands of people are choosing to exercise. 

Hot Girls Adapt

While the original “hot girl walk” came with specific rules about distance and mindset, the term has become more of a catch-all phrase to describe walking for your mental and physical health. A quick browse of #hotgirlwalk on TikTok or Instagram makes it clear that walkers aren’t playing by Lind’s original 4 mile rule or limiting their thoughts to the prescribed four-item list. Like most workouts, the “hot girl walk” has modifications, and walkers have kept the term while adapting the walk to work best for them. Walking groups have formed, songs have been inspired, and mindsets about walking for physical and mental health have shifted, all thanks to Mia Lind. 

How can I take a “Hot Girl Walk?” 

When it comes to the “hot girl walk,” the rules are: there aren’t any rules anymore! If you want to try a 4 mile walk with Lind’s original rules about mindset, give it a go; it’s a great exercise in mindfulness. If you’re just trying to change your mindset about your daily walks, referring to them as “hot girl walks” (or “hot guy walks,” “hot person walks,” or a different fun name that gets you feeling more excited about them) can be a great way to make something as simple as taking a walk seem like a fun activity that you can look forward to. The best way to stay consistent with your exercise routine is to make it fun and add incentives, which is exactly what XPASS is all about. So go ahead and get your “hot girl walk” on! We’ll be cheering you on every step of the way.